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My internet died before I could add you to my friends list! PLEASE MESSAGE ME AGAIN IF YOU SEE ME 8a8
Holy shit is there a way to turn off status update notifications
I have been informed that, for some unholy reason, ManSkitty has been spotted lurking around on the front page of DA today.


EDIT: Oh my god, he shows up under the "What's Hot" tab. AMAZING.

MinoMonsters has just released an ANIMATED SHORT, which I was very lucky to help create! I will be spamming you all with production art very shortly, but first, GO WATCH THE THING GO WATCH IT.


hellcorpceo - Rough script, storyboards, backgrounds

Marji4x - Animatic, animation

Justin - Animation

Alex - Animation, compositing
Now I have somewhere to post the shit that is too terrible even for Tumblr.

I am in the process of moving myself, my love, and two VERY confused dogs from one side of the country to the other. O, adventure! O, excitement! O, incredibly large stack of messages in my inbox that grows ever-larger by the day, mocking me with cold, numeric cruelty!

Anyway, yes. It will probably be going on September before I'm properly settled, so until then, please forgive me if I am very late and terrible with answering comments and notes.

Now away, fly, fly!
I have a tumblr!

It's for unfinished stuff, weird stuff, and crap stuff. Mostly crap stuff. I don't have much up yet, but soon it will be clogged with terrible brainspew.


Edit: Also, link your tumblrs in the comments because I am dumb and can't figure out who's who.
:iconhellcorpceo:: my firepig is named DICKBAG
:iconriskanja:: hahaha
:iconriskanja:: why
:iconhellcorpceo:: it was the first thing that came to mind
:iconriskanja:: you are a horrible person
:iconhellcorpceo:: i have decided that i will name all my pokemon with the first thing that pops in my head
:iconhellcorpceo:: i have learned a lot about myself this way

(chatlog + maturity = excellent journal entry)
But I think

I think we've all learned something


:icondesueyeplz: U :icondesueyeplz:
My little dog has been sick for over a week. On Christmas day, we found out why: a fourteen-inch obstruction of tangled hair(!!!!) in her GI tract. One long drive later, we found ourselves back in NYC, sitting in the lobby of the emergency vet and waiting while they examined the dog.

Long story short, they were able to remove the blockage--without surgery, even--and we returned home. So, ok, we had to cut Christmas short, spent most of the day in a panic, and left all of our presents at Bailiwick's grandma's house, but hey! The dog lived, and we weren't bankrupt. Plus, we were going be driving out of town on Monday to see my family.

And then, well. Blizzard. 20 inches of snow in Central Park. Blah blah, roads a mess, horrible winds, nobody's going anywhere. The wind is still rattling our building, but it should subside by tomorrow. So maybe . . . maybe we'll get out? Maybe we'll even get to the highway without ending up in a ditch, or a drift, or being eaten by the abominable snowman.

I realize that my problems are very minor in the grand scheme of things. But this Christmas, man. Damn.
I can't begin to say how amazed and impressed I am at the quality (and quantity!) of the Monster Parade entries. Every single one of you totally outdid yourselves. Now, at long last, here are your winners! In no particular order, they are:

Parade Monsters Three by diogenes by :icondiogenes:

Loco Monty - Monster Parade by GreekCeltic by :icongreekceltic:

Ed - Monster Parade by dragonrise by :icondragonrise:

All three winners submitted multiple amazing entries. Congratulations, you guys. You earned it! Don't forget to comment or note me to let me know what you'd like for your sketches!!
This week. This. Week. And it's only Tuesday.

HOWEVER, snowkatt101 made me this: :iconhellcorpceo: So it can't be ALL bad.
Congratulations to painted-bees and Lady-Liara, who BOTH managed to catch my 1,000,000th pageview! They will each be receiving a two-character picture of their choice, to be completed sometime before the next ice age. Meanwhile, I will try to figure out how two different people managed to become the exact same visitor. My theories so far include:

1. They are actually the same person
2. They are actually different people, but are posting from parallel universes

I SUPPOSE it could just be a quirk of the site, owing to the fact that this kind of thing happens all the time, but I think we can all agree that Occam's razor points us to option number two.

Monster Parade is almost done and should be up tomorrow, along with the winners!
My computer is scheduled to be back from the shop in a few days, which means I will FINALLY get to put the big bad monster parade together. (I tried it on the old compy, and it was eleven different kinds of Not Happening.) It will be so nice to be back on a fast machine . . . ! :icondummydanceplz:

In the meantime, I want to say thank you for the DD! I came back from a very busy weekend to find my inbox stuffed full of wonderful messages. Thank you all for your fantastic comments, and hello to my new watchers!
Hey everybody! I have finally cataloged the last of the monsters! There are so many amazing entries, and I want to make sure I get them all in. IF YOU SUBMITTED A MONSTER, PLEASE GO HERE AND MAKE SURE IT IS THERE! Every monster submitted through DA should be in that folder. (I know a few of you sent me photobucket links or DA Muro drawings, which unfortunately can't be favorited.)

If you don't see your monster, PLEASE NOTE OR COMMENT so that I am sure to include him! I am going to start putting this beast together this week, and I don't want to leave anybody out!!
My poor computer's hard drive went kaboom, so that is why I have not been able to answer notes/comments/various Monster-Parade-Related things. Luckily, I didn't lose any data, but things will be slow over here while the compy's in the shop. I'm currently on a very old, yet somehow very stable machine. THEY DON'T BUILD 'EM LIKE THEY USED TO </old person>

I will get to everyone, but it just might take a while. Oy!
Hey everybody! I am totally amazed and impressed at all of the fabulous monsters I've received for the monster parade!!!! As you have probably guessed from the title, I haven't had the chance to check messages for a few days, so I am running a wee bit behind in getting all of the monsters accounted for. Never fear--I will remedy that asap. In the meantime, KEEP SENDIN' YO' MONSTARZ.


Edit the Second: DAMMIT the backlog is back. :C
Just in time for Halloween, it's the MONSTER PARADE!

This little monster is leading a parade, but who is following behind him?

Deadline: November 5 (it would be Halloween, but I was a wee bit late getting this up. Whoopsie-daisies!)

How to join:

Simply draw a monster lurching, shuffling, dancing, or prancing along like the little guy pictured here! Send me a link to your file, and I will put all of the monsters together in a fantastic, monsteriffic parade!

Please submit your files as pngs or transparent gifs, to make them easier to composite! Any style and type of monster is acceptable, although I'd like to keep it so this doesn't need a mature filter--so no noodz plz.

Also specify whether your monster is small, medium, or large sized, so I know how big to make him in the lineup!


As an extra incentive (I hope!), my three favorite monsters will win a sketch of your choice from me!


***AND WHILE YOU ARE HERE, check out these other contests and events!***

:bulletblue:The Drawing Rapunzel Event! Celebrate the release of Disney's Tangled by contributing artwork of Rapunzel! Organized by Anako-ART and Nibilondiel

:bulletblue:TheDivineCervine is hosting a contest from LaJolly, to create artwork for their animated student film! $100 cash prize!



Total amazing wonderful surprise from :icongriffsnuff:, who is a terrific animator and and and SERIOUSLY GUYS JUST GO LOOK AT IT :la:
This is just a reminder that I AM offering a kiriban for whoever screencaps and sends me my 1 millionth pageview.


You will get a two-character piece WITH a background. You choose the characters, you choose the background. IT IS FOR YOU.

I recommend choosing "Caveman/Dinosaur/Space Station," but that's just me. IF I GET MY OWN KIRIBAN I'LL JUST DRAW THAT.

This is probably the last time I'll ever do a kiriban so gogogogo. 8I